Pip & Nip is a single player co-op platformer created for the weekly game jam 136.

The game is supposed to be played alone controlling both Pip and Nip but can also be played with a friend on the same keyboard. 

The prototype was created in 36 hours. 


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I am in love with the cute expressions they make. I find it a little hard to jump with precision. Are you using round shapes to calculate collisions?

Thank you, I'm so happy that you liked my characters :D 

I'm using both box and circle colliders. The top of the characters have a box collider so you can easier stand on them but the bottom part is a circle. I'm aware that the controls are a bit clunky and sometimes very unresponsive (especially when you're standing on top of a character). I might go back to the game in the future and do something more with it since I kinda like the idea I came up with.

My suggestion for a better control of the character would be to use just box colliders (they are squares afterall) and add some slight coyote time to the jumps so that jumping from on top of one another can be better done in midair

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Thank you for your feedback :)

I used only box colliders at first but I didn't get the slippery feel i was going for which was why I decided to use circles for the bottom part. But tbh it was a quick fix and could probably be better achieved with only a box collider with some more work.  

I have coyote time added, the problem is that the rigidbody is slightly moving when it's on top of another character, making the velocity change in both directions.y quite frequently. I'm aware of where the problem occurs in my code but decided not to fix it since this was very much a quick prototype and I set my deadline for this jam on Sunday. 

Hello :)
I really like the concept of your game and I think it's a good interpretation of the theme. The simple artstyle is great and the music is also nice to listen to.

However I don't really like the controls. They are way too fast and uncontrollable. Now I don't know if you tied the movement speed to the framerate or if you just made them so fast on purpose, but I would highly recommend slowing them down.

Overall it's a neat little game, but the controls kind of destroy it for me :/